Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello! AD Luke here. During our first Fools meeting yesterday, I was struck by some notions which I wanted to share. Here they be.

"Who is more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

This line from Star Wars came to me as were discussing the different types of fools. I began to think about the heroic fool. Heroes tend to be foolish by nature, in the sense that they undertake tasks which the rest of the population view as impossible or 'foolhardy', if you will. When talking about heroes, people frequently comment, "He's either very brave or very foolish." Is it just the outcome which determines how we view the endeavour?

The heroic fools have a tendency to focus on one thing at the expense of all others. I am reminded of Lancelot in Python's Holy Grail, who slaughters dozens of wedding guests in his quest to free a troubled 'maiden'. Fools lack an understanding of consequence. I wonder if the opposite of this is the hero who sacrifices his own safety and personal desires for the greater good. (See Frodo). However, that also could be considered a foolish course of action in the eyes of a society which places high value on individualism and consummate self-fulfillment. The idea of a single-minded approach to life ties in with Dean's story about the autistic man who just wants to play football, despite being a musical and mathematical genius.


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