Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I found this one in the "Holy fool" Perhaps there is a sense in which each and every saint, even those who were scholars, would be regarded as insane by many in the modern world because of their devotion to a way of life that was completely senseless apart from the Gospel. Every saint is troubling. Every saint reveals some of our fears and makes us question our fear-driven choices

his is from a discription from a taro card and I also like that it went with the meeting last night The Fool The Fool is an innocent, bound on a journey he knows not where, with only the conviction that with optimism the greater good will prevail. The Fool has faith in himself to bring him through new experiences, as we must have faith in ourselves, knowing our hearts lead the way and where good intentions prevail, the correct path will become apparent. The Fool has little baggage, little preparation and his only muses are the little butterfly people who follow him, representing transformation and change, as well as his instincts for survival that will help him make his way through the weary world. He is a free spirit, an unformed personality ready to take on anything, climbing towards spiritual enlightenment. The Fool is on a journey, an adventure. He represents new and possibly unexpected changes in one's life to a new and uncharted territory. This territory may not be a physical change in location; it can be a new creative path, a new field of study or a new business opportunity. This change may be an adventure of some type that has a beginning and end, or it may be the kind of change that affects an entire lifestyle, but as in all changes it involves risk. The Fool can also represent foolish idealism, impulsive behavior, or extravagant and foolish choices.

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