Thursday, February 15, 2007

John: I was afraid I was going to have to tell you I lost that winter cap you gave me. Luckily I just miss placed it. As soon as we would have walked out that door into the cold, I knew you would have asked, "where's your hat? It's cold out." And I'd have to tell you that all my coats have holes in the pockets. I quickly wear them thin because of all the random things I pack ino them. Except for the coat I am wearing right now which actually has pockets, but they are on such a strange angle that the contents tend to fall right out. I would have had to tell you that.
Tanya: You just did tell me that.
John: Yes, I know.
Tanya: You are a Fool, but I mean that as a compliment. A smart kind of fool. Funny.
John: But a fool nonetheless?
Tanya: Yes
John: I'm not offended.


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