Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chinese to English

A List of ancient Chinese jesters (or youren, paiyou, lingren), and their cool-sounding English translation names, often sounding like second rate superheroes...

Fitting New Bridle (An Peixin)
Truly Assisting Uprightness (Cheng Fuduan)
Balding Chunyu (Chunyu Kun)
Ever Upright (Heng Zhi)
In Full Streamer (Huang Fanchuo)
Scorching Virtue (Jiao De)
Newly Polished Mirror (Jing Xinmo)
Gradually Stretching Taller (Shen Jiangao)
Moving Bucket (Shi Dongtong)
Wild Pig (Shi Yezhu)
Many Grandsons (Sunzi Duo)
Openly Flawless Jade (Wang Gongjin)
Jester Don't (You Mo)
Jester Twisty Pole (You Zhan)
Going Round In Circles (Zhou Za)
Upright Fellow Wish (Zhu Hunzhen)

I wonder what it must have been like to have a dude named "Wild Pig" yammering in your ear all day about what you've been doing wrong.


Blogger Luke Holladay said...

I would love to know the stories/histories that these fools come from. I can draw my own conclusions about some (Newly Polished Mirror, i.e. showing society what it really looks like) but others confound me (Moving Bucket?)

It's interesting that there are a few with the words 'upright' and 'virtue' in their names. In my mind, 'fool' has always carried connotations of negativity. Fools are layabouts, drunkards, not to be trusted. Nice to see a contradiction.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous John Pierson said...

I think it would be great to write our own stories for each one of these, and then hang them up in the state park. I might start one after Go Dog Go Opens

I'll take "Going Round In Circles" or "Gradually Growing Taller."

2:51 PM  

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