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Concerning the beginning of a fool's career (italics added)...

"Claus Nar (Fool), one of Germany's most famous and long-serving jesters, was tending geese when he was recruited.... One day when the first of his patrons, Elector Ernst, was traveling through Ranstadt with a lot of horses and wagons, Claus became curious about all the commotion and went to see what was happening. Worried that his geese would be stolen, he secured the goslings by putting their necks through his belt [ultimately strangling them] while he carried the older geese in his arms. When Ernst saw him he laughed at his simplicity and decided he was a born jester."

The book pictures a deranged and smiling Claus with six geese throttled by a belt around his waist and wringing two more by the neck with a clenched fist. In effect, he resembles a kind of particolored suicide-bomber.


"...Jamie Fleeman, the Scottish jester...complemented his jesting duties with those of cowherd and goose guardian, and when he one day grew irritated by the geese wandering willy-nilly, he twisted some straw rope around their necks and started walking home, unaware that they were being throttled one by one. By the time he realized it was too late, and since it was a rare breed of geese, he would have been in big trouble. So he dragged the corpses into the poultry yard and stuffed their throats with food. When asked whether the geese were safe and sound, he replied cheerfully, "Safe! they're gobble, gobble, gobblin' as if they had nae seen meat for a twalmonth! Safe! Ise warran' they're safe [enough], if they hae nae choked themsells."


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St. Simeon, after spending 27 years in the desert, walks to a town, grabs a dead dog off the ground, and ties it too his waist. Boy! He must have looked like a fool!


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