Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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A fool can refer to:

A foolish person
A court jester or clown
Motley Fool, a commercial website about stocks, investing, and personal finance
A fruit fool, a dish made with cooked fruit
The Fool, a 1960s design collective
The Fool (Zero), the only numberless major arcana card of the tarot
Fools (play), a 1981 play by Neil Simon
"Foolish", a song by R&B singer Ashanti
"Fool," a song from the 2003 Cat Power album You Are Free
"Fools", a song by Deep Purple from their 1971 album Fireball
"Fool", a song by Roxette from their 2001 album Room Service
Fool, in Mexican American speech, a friend or buddy, e.g. "Hey fool, what up?"
"Fool", a song by Shakira
"I pity the fool" the catchphrase of Mr.T's character "Clubber Lang" from Rocky III
"Foolish Games", a song by Jewel


Anonymous John Pierson said...

I think at least for the opening we should serve "fruit Fool" It sounds delicious. Also I think I have been influenced by the "Fool" by Deep Purple. I used to listen to that album all the time, it's one of my favorite records. I only recently remembered that that album contained a song called Fool

1:37 PM  

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