Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fool, The Code, the Journey, The Beauty.

Why does the Journey of the Fool interest me? I just happened to be watching Secrets Of The Code. I try to rent all the specials about that book The Davinci Code, even though I cared very little for that book and even less for the movie. Why? Was it the lost feminine, the debunking of dogma, am I trying to find a place for Jesus in my life? Perhaps. But overriding any of these is the interest in the Holy Grail. I have had this interest since I was a small child. Is it because of the Knights, fighting, traveling on horses, journeying for a cause, although living alienated and only occasionally appearing at Arthur's table to disappear in the circle? Maybe, although I don't care much for fighting, or horses, or swords, or armor... I like damsels, but that passion finds it way into literature from other sources. Then it must be what the grail symbolizes. Whatever the the Grail actually was didn't matter to me as a child. What fascinated me was the tales about quests that lead back to where they had started, quests that revealed that the search for the item, or the answer, or the emotion could only be found if it was not the goal of the quest but a by-product of a more humane or self revealing search. A search that never ends because there is no ending. In the documentary a man said "we all dream of taking a journey in which we arrive, no one wants to take a journey in which they never arrive." My whole self, as Fool, does. My Fool is on a Journey in which there is no arrival sought. The Fool is searching for meaning but understanding that there is no place at the end that reveals the answer. It is the process not the product that reveals beauty. It is the chaos which manifests the calm.
This is my Fool who seeks a capricious, subtle, confusing creativity as his journey. A Fool who is sometimes blind, sometimes self centered, sometimes lonely and kind who is human and at times is just as guilty of calling other's who see things contrary, Fools.


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