Saturday, June 30, 2007

foolish crate love

So in the spirit of using the blog as a repository of rehearsal notes, here are some snapshots of a work-in-progress that John and I are creating. I think it will be the second "fool in love" interlude, and the idea is that it's the foolish part of an old relationship. As opposed to showing the "fool-hardiness" of infatuation, it's an exploration of the foolish ways we act in a relationship whose rhythms are established and familiar.
Snapshot 1: Two people sit side by side in chairs, the man has a crate on his head, the woman does not.
Snapshot 2: The woman tried to rest her head on his shoulder. The crate is in the way.
Snapshot 3: The woman tries to get her head inside the man's crate. Fails.
Snapshot 4: The woman has another crate. She steps in it and inches it away from the man. Dances while her feet are stuck in the crate, trying to get his attention, more and more desperately and embarrassingly. The man stops her by pulling the crate--and her--back to him. She sits on the ground, lifts the crate with her feet, and puts it on her head. Struggles in it, as though she's stuck in a tunnel. Finds the light inside and turns it on. Moves towards the back wall, her light casting shadows through the crate. The woman faces the wall and puts her hand against it. The man's hand, in shadow, covers hers.


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