Thursday, June 21, 2007

Foolish play and gestures of jesters for The Wind

In rehearsal we toyed with roaming the space on a grid and strange interactions. I wanted to make a list of some of the actions that took place that seemed interesting to us, but I failed to do so. Please people list some that you saw. Here are some I remember liking:

1: Dean moving my arm and it affecting my other arm on Chloe's. the more he turned my arm the closer it got to his own face, until I strangled him.

2: Kurt leaving with the chair, and us as a mob chasing the chair turning into a monster.

3: One person saying Goodbye and then slowly being joined by others.

4: Trying to place someone in the chair but their body won't sit properly.

And also I had a great idea in the shower, of turning the While the Wind Breathes scene into more of a random fool. I was thinking of placing our faces onto tarrot cards and having the audience choose a card, and that fool has the card place on their crate and they are the one set into the chair and proceed to do that scene.


Blogger Kurt Chiang said...

Some interactions I remember from rehearsal...

-- Anthony and Dean's framing faces, posing happiness, awkwardness
-- Chloe's whispering nonsense to me and pointing at a group that had their backs to us
-- Ryan's grabby fingers and weird mumbles
-- feet shuffling and slowly decending from the torso
-- clapping at death, and ganging up on the griever
-- making a throne of crates, and when one crate falls, Anthony pushes over another and then another and then people banging shit on the ground

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