Saturday, June 30, 2007

More more foolish lyrics

I don't mean to step on your clothes Chloe, but here are some more foolish lyrics; lyrics that are almost certainly less known, and considering the time period where most Foolish LoveSongs come from, maybe you wouldn't come across them in your initial studies-- but you probably would, because you're resourceful, you're aware, and you have at least one more library card than I do. If you get mad at me, you can post pictures of grocery store bag-boys doing their thing, and we'll call it even. Anyway --

This is a song by my most favorite rock and roll band, Superchunk, called "Like a Fool," from the album "Foolish." Imagine that. Although it's difficult to make out the words as he (Mac) sings, if you look it up on the InterWWW, this is what he's saying, allegedly--

I dreamt you chased down the car
waving a sign that made no sense
I drifted in and out
I read the sign out loud

like a fool

I held the letter stuck on the end
of a stick over the pool
and you dove in after
trusting me
trusting me

like a fool

Awesome. Oh, and in the spirit of foolishness, I decided to keep my typo at the top, where I apoligize for treading on Chloe's garments.

Toes. I meant "toes."


Blogger chloe said...

Is that the song we were using in rehearsal today? I really liked it. I also appreciate your malapropisms.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Kurt Chiang said...

Actually, the song we used at rehearsal is by the band Low, called "Murderer" on the album "Drums and Guns." I had been wanting to use that song since I heard it, and only realized the day before that it also uses the word "fool." So I now I can happily check off my justification card for that.
segment of Lyrics:

Don't act so innocent
I've seen you pound your fists
into the earth,
and I've read your books;
seems that you
could use
another fool.
well I'm cruel,
and I look right through.


Also, to make your own malapropisms, if you're interested, the secret ingredient is celery salt.

9:19 AM  

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