Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old testament Prophets, Madmen and Fools

"And a certain man of the sons of the prophets said to his neighbour by the word of the Lord, Smite me, I pray. And the man would not strike him. And he said unto him, Because thou hast not hearkened to the voice of the Lord, therefore, behold, as thou departest from me, a lion shall smite thee; and he departed from him, and a lion found him and smote him. And he finds another man, and says, Smite me, I pray thee. And the man smote him, and in smiting wounded him." (3 Kgdms. 21:35-7)

Like the holy fool, the true prophet is hard to distinguish from the false. Like the holy fool, he could be taken for a madman. I have just begun my search for historical figures similar to Holy Fools that are not christian. Many appear in Judaism under different names. My study is only beginning and time is short. If people have leads just let me know.

John, the Fool, Pierson


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Hey Evan, I would like this quote to be represented in the State Park.

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