Monday, June 11, 2007

The Origin of the Milk Crate

I am really interested in the origin of the milk crate. How did it come to be? How and when was it created? Who was the guy (or woman) who said, "It's really important that I get several of these milk jugs, eggs, etc. from Point A to Point B in a small amount of time. How can I make that happen? I know, I'll build a crate!" and through my conversation with JP: the evolution of milk crate to soapbox from which to stand and declare ideas, anarchy, visions of God. I really really want to know, so I started searching and have yet to find any real answers. If you know of any, post 'em. In my searches, however, I did manage to find the guy who created the Collapsa Crate. A plastic milk crate that collapses into itself for easy storage. It's good for grocery stores because it saves money on "lost" milk crates. The learn more about the Collapsa Crate and its inventor, go here.

Addendum: Okay, I thought it would be really awesome to post a picture of the Collapsa Crate, so I did a Google Image search. The image in this post is what came up. Only dozens and dozens of times, all different pages from the same book, all in Latin, and from this website. Weeeiiirrd.


Blogger evandebacle said...

Nothing gets me going in the morning like a milk crate challenge.

On the origins, it’s hard to figure out exactly where it starts. There is a Canadian patent for a “bottle crate” that is dated to 1930. This seems to be a late-comer of a patent though because, as reported by the Daily Texan, the Rehrig Pacific Company has been producing milk crates since 1913. The same article cites a study by the Dairy Farmers of America alleging that 720,000 crates are lifted from the “dairy system” every year by college kids and punk rock fans.

Still working on the Collapsa Crate pic.

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Anonymous Johnny, The Crate, Pierson said...

720,000 crates. That's alot. Do you think you can work on getting those for us, Evan?

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Blogger evandebacle said...

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