Monday, July 09, 2007

academic foolery

"To return to the chair, one could say that it is not merely a chair when used on the stage. What enables us to grasp it as such though is that even if the chair is distanced from its identity and function--to sit at a certain height from the floor--we will always be able to say about it: "Look, this is no longer a chair; as opposed to 'not a table' or 'not a man.'" The fact that even in negating its identity and function through language and its manipulations, the object in itself does not change, points at an important issue in the philosophy of language, because when we name the chair something else, it apparently seems to become two additional things: the object named and a non-chair."
--Freddie Rokem, "A chair is a Chair is a CHAIR: The Object as Sign in Theatrical Performance"

I think I actually agree with this. If I understand it. Which I probably don't.
What would Freddie Rokem make of the chair above?
It's the kind of thing that could end up in our show, I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this foolish or brilliant?

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