Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foolish Timeline

So, I'm working on the visual display for the State Park, which is to be a timeline of fools and foolishness throughout the ages.

As I said to John and Evan, my general vision for the installation is "Oh, look. A timeline barfed."

In more elegant terms, it will be a 2D single-strand timeline (on the wall) that then explodes into a 3D multi-strand chaos. Viewers will be still able to follow single strands of the timeline if they wish or just take it in as a whole. I suspect it will look like part-timeline, part-spiderweb.

The criscrossing strands of the timeline will eventually coalesce again into a sculptural form I'm referring to as the Tower of Babel (an event/object included in the paper timeline created by Evan, which is being used as inspiration for the visual counterpart). Here is a sketch of it (keep in mind the physical timeline is made out of black nylon rope):

The strands of the tower itself will be covered with posterboard-mounted cards on which there will be quotes, facts, and pictures (each strand in timeline chronological order); also 3D objects with similar text labels that stand in for paper description. For example, instead of having a timeline quote/date label pertaining to a specific court jester, there might be an actual jester's cap hanging on the line with a label. Instead of a person's death date, there might be a skull with the death date penciled on it. Get me?

Okay, here's another (bad) sketch with just cards:


Get me now?


Well, to make it worse, in addition there will be some smaller subinstallations for each 3D thread of the timeline. One in particular that I have nailed down is the Ship of Fools, which will be a timeline-rope sculpted into a wave shape on which will be sailing little boats made out of the actual pictures in the Ship of Fools series:

It will most definitely look better than my careless rendering of the fleet of boats above.

Anyone who can picture this in their head wins a prize. Anyone who wants to pitch in at the build on Saturday (2pm-8pm) or Sunday (10am-5pm) wins a tongue-kiss.

And for good measure here's a picture of the biggest fool of all, who decided that the perfect place to repose was on my sketches:



Blogger evandebacle said...

Awesome. I really like the Ship of Fools idea. Another object that came to mind to build around was the bindle that the Tarot Fool was often portrayed with. I think Kurt is working with them in the show. Maybe he has a spare we can play with.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Kurt Chiang said...

I have a prototype of a kind of t-shirt material bindle on a stick made of PVC pipe that my friend made, which was originally going to be incorporated into a piece for the show, but which ultimately isn't used. Let me know if you might need it or want it or want to look at it.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Dina said...

Crap! I'm booked all weekend...if I have time in between my brunch thingy and my mom coming up to stay with me on Sunday, I will drop by. Woot!

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Diane said...

do we get to pick who the other tongue kisser is?

11:05 PM  

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