Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keep Resilient

I felt like reiterating this very early quote from the BLOG, as we all maintain our pains and illnesses and coughs and aches; seems appropriate as we start into the long run. Here it is:

"There is in the jester a quality of resilience that means that even when he is beaten it does not seem to injure him. It is a resilience of the spirit that might either complement the physical litheness often associated with the jester or offer a contrast to a deformity. He never seems particularly perturbed by a whip descending on him, never inveighing against the injustice or cruelty of his punishment or begging for mercy: 'Like the comic characters in the film cartoons who may be cut to shreds, smashed flat, riddled with holes, or stretched into a thin line, yet which suddenly spring back into their original form or are miraculously put back together, the clown always seems to survive.'" (pg. 135)

I think Ryan said after the show that this show is about surviving? THE RESEARCH APPLIES!!



Anonymous John, the fool, Pierson said...

Here! Here! Brilliantly restated Kurt. We are mighty Fools proud of and entirely aware of our own Folly.

2:10 AM  

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