Friday, September 21, 2007

Foolish Talk Back

We had our first, out of two, talk-backs last night. I think it went pretty swell. The Audience seemed genuinely interested in how we proceeded to create this chaotic world. The one thing I'd like to do different the next time is try to get more of the audiences opinions of their experience. I don't quite know how to do that without sounding like that bad actor friend that stares you in the eyes after the show pleading silently "what did you think? What did you think?" Since I still want to pursue this type of theater, this type of image driven, emotional work predominantly staged from actual historical texts, I want to know how it worked for people. The cast seemed excited to talk about their process, in discovering a fool or having to discard a fool, and finding that that fool had still somehow seeped in. We talked about risk, and challenging ourselves in performance. We talked much about outcasts, failure, and darkness, and transformation. It helped me. Perhaps the cast talked too much, perhaps I made them talk too much, but it seems fitting for this show about overloads of information and imagery. It seemed fitting to add to that a discussion about the history of The Fool returns to his chair.


Blogger Kaylee said...

I saw the show tonight! In fact, I was one of the gals pulled onstage to dance. I have no real purpose for writing this comment except that initially, I thought, "God, this is such a Bennington play"*. Then I thought, "Christ, this is such a David Lynch movie!"* Then I thought, "Jesus, this is amazing!"

[I should probably note that, while I never particularly cared for Bennington's performances or David Lynch's movies, I thought this had the best of both worlds, with just enough of a third one to make it really, really, really great.]

Thank you for a lovely hour and twenty [plus pre-show time].

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